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Landon Curt Noll

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Pictures related my job when I worked as a Cryptologist / Number Theorist at SGI:

chongo #9 (44k) chongo #19 (44k)    Some misc pictures of me in my cryptologic lab.
lab lamps (40k)    Something that I was working on in my lab: LavaRand tm  
NLC Cypher (40k)    A picture of a random paper on my desk.
chongo #SGI (8k)    My SGI photo was created by an image wizard to make it ``chongo-esk''. The message to left is the blessing/curse of someone engaged in the indoor sport searching for primes. :-)
Accidental Picture (32k)    An accidental picture taken on my desk. Note the low news volume back in 14-May-95!

A (passport?) picture of me taken sometime in 1989(?):

Landon Noll (24k)    Compare and contrast this photo to the council photo below.

Pictures related my life as a Sunnyvale elected official:

Councilmember Noll (12k)    My official city council picture taken in 1993. Please excuse the suit & tie its not my technical attire! :-)

More recent pictures

Landon Noll hacking in chair (70k)    My father took this photo of my Christmas 2001 while I was at my brother's house. I am sitting in a chair made my by Mom and Dad. Behind me is one of the many harpsichords built by my brother. I'm hacking something related to the Goldbach conjecture on a Linux laptop.

Landon Noll taking photos (960k)    I am taking photos with my new Canon EOS-1D Mark II camera at Ted Ciesla's 70th birthday party on 27 Feb 2005. This photo was taken by my friend JC Dill.

Landon Curt Noll
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