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Office oddiments

Odd things happen in and around my office. Here are a few ...

Earth & Sky

I love Astronomy, particularly visual Astronomy. I am not very much into astro-photography, but I have taken a few pictures.
I have always loved volcanos. The shots below are from Hawaii taken shortly after the 11 July 1991 total eclipse.

Mathematics - works in progress / works of art

I think of Mathematics as both an art as well as a science. What is found below are some images based on various aspects of my mathematical research. These images are presented in no particular order and without much technical comments, I prefer to let the images speak for themselves.
What you will find below are some of my mathematical doodling. Some people, when they doodle while talking on the phone, will draw ``bunny rabbits''. I like to doodle equations and plots, usually via the Mathematica tool.
The doodles below are by no means random. They represent the current state of problems that I happen to be working on in the back of my mind. Sometimes a these doodles are later refined and used in the solution of a particular problem, sometimes they just give insight on how to solve something.
BTW: Doodling bunny rabbits is a cool thing to do. Others are much better at drawing rabbits than I am. :-)


In the process of debugging the magrathea program, a program designed to generate planet images at random, several mistakes were made. But sometimes such accidents produce interesting results.


Landon Curt Noll
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