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download calc source

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One can obtain calc source from any of the:
calc source mirror sites <<== Click this link!!

Calc mirror sites will find the following special files:

  • calc-*.i686.rpm: installs calc executable & shared libraries
  • calc-devel-*.i686.rpm: installs headers, static executable & static libraries
  • calc-*.src.rpm: calc src as an rpm
  • calc-debuginfo-*.i686.rpm: non-stripped executable & libraries suitable for advanced debugging

  • *_IS_LATEST_STABLE: indicates the most recent stable version
  • *_IS_LATEST_UNSTABLE: indicates the most recent beta-test version

  • HOWTO.INSTALL: How to install from the calc gziped tarball in 4 easy steps
  • README: general download notes

  • CHANGES: changes made as of most recently built version
  • COPYING: calc GNU Lesser General Public License information
  • COPYING-LGPL: GNU Lesser General Public License
  • checksum.*: a checksum of the various calc tarballs

  • what-is-calc: A brief explanation of calc

Calc news
  • Calc release news may be found on Calc's SourceForge project page.
  • A detailed history changes to calc may be found in the CHANGES file.

  • As of version 2.11.7, calc is being released in rpm form as well as the previous gziped tarball form.
  • Calc also has a freshmeat page.
  • As of version 2.11, calc passes the check test suite when built on a Linux system. Calc is runs on a number of Linux platforms. These platforms include, but are not limited to:
  • While the reference platform for calc is Linux, Calc also runs under a number of other platforms. Calc is/was being used on platforms such as: See a calc source mirror for the latest release of calc for any of these platforms.

  • Some experimental versions of calc are being developed by Ernest Bowen. For information about his experiments, see his Experimental calc page for details.

The calc-tester mailing list

NOTE: This information has moved to the calc-tester mailing list URL.

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