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How to contribute code to calc

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Contributing code to calc

Calc is open source. Contributions of code are welcome.

We welcome and encourage you to send us:

  • calc resource files (cal/ *.cal files)
  • calc shell scripts (cscript/ *.calc files)
  • builtin functions that you have modified or written, i.e.:
    assocfunc.c comfunc.c func.c func.h listfunc.c matfunc.c qfunc.c zfunc.c
  • custom functions that you have modified or written (custom/ files)
  • help files you have modified or written (help/ files)
  • brief description of you added, fixed, improved in CHANGES
  • regression test cases (cal/
  • Makefile improvements (Makefile in . and under *)
  • other source code modifications (*.c, *.h)
  • etc.

In order to consider integrating your code, we need:

  • calc version you are working with (please try use the latest version)
  • new help files or help file patches, if applicable (documentation)
  • proposed text for the CHANGES file (brief description of what it does)
  • test patch as needed
  • your source code and/or source code changes (:-))

If you add functionality to calc, please be sure to modify/patch/add Makefiles, help files, cal/ test code as well. Regression test cases are vital to maintaining calc's level of correctness and helps us avoid code bug regression.

Please try to generate a patch against the most recent version of calc, and if you use GitHub, the top of the master branch.

The best way contribute to calc bug is to generate a calc GitHub pull request.

Your code needs to be contributed under either the 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL 2.1) or be in the public domain.

If you do not want to use calc GitHub, then send Email to:

calc contrib address

TE: Yes, the Email address uses 'asthe', while the web site uses 'isthe'.

PLEASE put following the SPECIAL PHRASE somewhere in your Email Subject line:

calc contribution

You may have additional words in your subject line.


PLEASE use the above SPECIAL PHRASE somewhere in the Subject line or the mail system won't deliver your Email message.

Keep in mind that the best way to report on a calc bug is to use the above mentioned calc GitHub procedure.

Please be patient as we cannot always respond to Email messages quickly.

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