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How to submit a calc bug report

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Reporting calc bugs

If you want to:

  • Report a calc bug
  • Submit a calc bug fix patch

The best way to submit a calc bug report is to open a new calc GitHub issue.

When you send your report, please include the following information:

  • A description of the problem
  • Version of calc you are using

    If you cannot compile calc, then look at version.c and report the #define lines that start with:

    • #define MAJOR_VER
    • #define MINOR_VER
    • #define MAJOR_PATCH
    • #define MINOR_PATCH

  • If you modified calc from an official patch, send us the mods you made
  • Type and version of the operating system
  • Type and version of compiler
  • Send us all compiler warnings or errors you find
  • If calc dumped core, try to send us a core dump stack trace
  • cd to the calc source directory, and send the contents of debug.out produced by this command:
    make debug > debug.out 2>&1

Feel free to use the above address to send in bug fixes (in the form of a context diff -u patch).

If you do not want to use calc GitHub, then send Email to:

calc bug report address

PLEASE put following the SPECIAL PHRASE somewhere in your Email Subject line:

calc bug report

You may have additional words in your subject line.


PLEASE use the above SPECIAL PHRASE somewhere in the Subject line or the mail system won't deliver your Email message.

Keep in mind that the best way to report on a calc bug is to use the above mentioned calc GitHub procedure.

Please be patient as we cannot always respond to Email messages quickly.

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