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ANSI Escape Sequences

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ANSI Escape Sequences

Wherever you see '#', that should be replaced by the appropriate number.

        ESC code sequence Function
       ------------------- ---------------------------
Cursor Controls:
         ESC[#;#H or ESC[#;#f Moves cusor to line #, column #
         ESC[#A Moves cursor up # lines
         ESC[#B Moves cursor down # lines
         ESC[#C Moves cursor forward # spaces
         ESC[#D Moves cursor back # spaces
         ESC[#;#R Reports current cursor line & column
         ESC[s Saves cursor position for recall later
         ESC[u Return to saved cursor position

Erase Functions:
         ESC[2J Clear screen and home cursor
         ESC[K Clear to end of line

Set Graphics Rendition:
         ESC[#;#;....;#m Set display attributes where # is
                                       00 for normal display (or just 0)
                                       01 for bold on (or just 1)
           02 faint (or just 2)
           03 standout (or just 3)
                                       04 underline (or just 4)
                                       05 blink on (or just 5)
                                       07 reverse video on (or just 7)
                                       08 nondisplayed (invisible) (or just 8)
           22 normal
           23 no-standout
           24 no-underline
           25 no-blink
           27 no-reverse
                                       30 black foreground
                                       31 red foreground
                                       32 green foreground
                                       33 yellow foreground
                                       34 blue foreground
                                       35 magenta foreground
                                       36 cyan foreground
                                       37 white foreground
                                       39 default foreground
                                       40 black background
                                       41 red background
                                       42 green background
                                       43 yellow background
                                       44 blue background
                                       45 magenta background
                                       46 cyan background
                                       47 white background
                                       49 default background

         ESC[=#;7h or Put screen in indicated mode where # is
         ESC[=h or 0 for 40 x 25 black & white
         ESC[=0h or 1 for 40 x 25 color
         ESC[?7h 2 for 80 x 25 b&w
                                    3 for 80 x 25 color
                                    4 for 320 x 200 color graphics
                                    5 for 320 x 200 b & w graphics
                                    6 for 640 x 200 b & w graphics
                                    7 to wrap at end of line

         ESC[=#;7l or ESC[=l or Resets mode # set with above command
         ESC[=0l or ESC[?7l

Keyboard Reassignments:

         ESC[#;#;...p Keyboard reassignment. The first ASCII
         or ESC["string"p code defines which code is to be
         or ESC[#;"string";#; changed. The remaining codes define
            #;"string";#p what it is to be changed to.

   E.g. Reassign the Q and q keys to the A and a keys (and vice versa).

         ESC [65;81p A becomes Q
         ESC [97;113p a becomes q
         ESC [81;65p Q becomes A
         ESC [113;97p q becomes a

         E.g. Reassign the F10 key to a DIR command.

         ESC [0;68;"dir";13p The 0;68 is the extended ASCII code
                                   for the F10 key and 13 is the ASCII
                                   code for a carriage return.

         Other function key codes F1=59,F2=60,F3=61,F4=62,F5=63

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