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chongo's unfficial multisort v1.1.3 patch

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Original multisort code

I started with the multisort version 1.1 code which is available several places:

The patch

I recommend that you apply chongo's multisort v1.1.3 rollup patch to the original multisort version 1.1 code.

The multisort v1.1.3 rollup patch fixes a number of issues related to multisort v1.1:

multisort v1.1.3 source

You can also obtain the already patched multisort v1.1.3 source code as well a Makefile I use to compile it.


This patch is being distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The rollup patch distributed under GNU General Public License. Use this patch at your own risk.

While I wrote this patch to fix bugs, to add the -m maxage feature, to not require multiple file args, to fold in Bertrand Demiddelaer's performance patch, etc. ... I did not write multisort itself. Zachary Beane wrote multisort. To distinguish his multisort version 1.1 from my patched multisort, I call my patched multisort version 1.1.3.

My multisort rollup v1.1.3 patch is obviously unofficial. Comments welcome.

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